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Our Services

We offer a wide-range of web application design, development, hosting, maintenance and support services that integrate seamlessly into your new or existing business processes to produce tailor-made web applications that streamline these processes.

At Red Ruby IT, we pride ourselves with exceptional problem solving skills that integrate well with your business requirements. Whether you have a problem that needs to be solved, a concept that needs to be implemented or a new business idea that needs to be developed and executed, Red Ruby IT will support you and your business throughout the entire planning, development, advice and maintenance process which will ultimately lead to positive growth for your business.

Bespoke Software

We know that when it comes to software, there is no “one size fits all” which is why our solutions are tailored to your individual needs.

Strategic Advisor

We will continuously keep monitoring your software or web application and advise you how it can add more value to you and possibly your clients.


We’ll manage and maintain your software or web application on a daily basis, making sure that everything is up to scratch.

Growing Your Business

By becoming our partner and making use of our services, you’ll see how your business grows over time.

Types Of Applications We Develop

Web Applications

A Web Application (Web App) can be described in the following way. It is software that runs within a web browser that allows you or your business to work in a much more efficient way that ultimately improves your productivity.

Software-as-a-Service Applications

Software-as-a-Service, commonly known as SaaS, is software that is developed with the idea of selling the software as a service to clients. The software can be web, desktop or mobile-based. The software is hosted in a centralized location and serves each one of the clients that make use of the software.

Service Applications

We also develop applications that run on a server that will serve as a service for any connecting clients. A common example is a web service.


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Who Are We

Red Ruby IT is a proudly South African Software Development company, based in Johannesburg, that offers its clients exceptional value through comprehensive software development solutions, that will help our clients to pursue their ideas and turn them into reality. Red Ruby IT has assembled a team of bright minded people, who make a great team. We soon realised that most software development companies will develop a client’s software, and then leave them in the dark. Therefore, Red Ruby IT decided to turn it around, and make looking after clients their main focus. Red Ruby IT now offers a service that works for its clients and helps them to grow their ideas.

Here at Red Ruby IT is where IT and Simplicity Meet.

Our Mission

To create exceptional value for our clients so that they can be successful with their businesses and ideas.

Our Team

We have a qualified team of professionals that are experts in their field.

  • Software Developers
  • Problem Solvers
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Online Marketing Specialists
  •  Project Managers